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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that's right. a lot of controversy with that aircraft. but it took off perfectly today. this was a big day for the region to be a world class area, you have to have top- notch amenities. nonstop air service to asia was a big missing link, that is until today. reporter: touchdown san jose. the first flight of the all nippon airways 787 dreamliner arrives from tokyo under partly cloudy skies and showers courtesy of the san jose fire department. arriving passengers raved about the new service even after paying $3,000 for the roundtrip ticket. >> the new business class is very nice. it's a wonderful experience. >> reporter: for the sold-out return flight to japan a celebration. mayor reed and former mayor and
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transportation secretary norm mineta whom the airport was named after toasted with sake. but the timing was a public relations nightmare. the faa announced it is investigating the dreamliner after safety issues with several of the boeing aircraft including electrical fires, fuel and oil leaks, and computer glitches. despite that, a & a and chairman says the planes are safe [ non-english language ] >> we can give you official comment but we have confident about the safety of the dreamliner. >> reporter: passengers are no reservations about coming on board most excited to be part of something special. >> it's the perfect place for connection between two powerhouses of industry and technology, makes sense. should have happened a long time ago. >> reporter: this flight is expected to generate $78 million in trade and investment in the first year alone. ken, we'll have much more on the impact of the flight on
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silicon valley's economy next hour. >> thank you, len ramirez live in san jose. and as len just said, the faa is now taking a closer look at the 787 in the wake of those recent mishaps. but boeing is insisting tonight that every new commercial plane experiences a few growing pains along the way. and despite the review, both the manufacturer and the government insist the innovative ridiculous is safe. >> we are confident about the safety of this aircraft but we are concerned about these incidents and will conduct the review until we're completely satisfied. >> and that review will focus on the 787's electrical systems. no planes will be grounded during the time. expect extra delays at sfo this weekend as construction crews work to lengthen runways. from 10 p.m. tonight to 5 a.m. monday one runway will be
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closed. travelers could be delays 30 to 45 minutes. this is the first of three runway closures at sfo this month. we are following some developing news in oakland tonight where an all-out manhunt is under way for a jail escapee. police have been searching yards in neighborhoods near highland hospital all day long. cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us the suspect shed his jail clothes. reporter: deputies ran from house to house with their guns drawn near highland hospital searching for a violent jail escapee. alameda county sheriff's deputies, oakland police, bart police and state parole agents locked down a 10-block area to search for this man, 31-year- old anthony hoskins. deputies say the landscaping made the search difficult. >> you have yards that are not symmetrical. there's a lot of overgrowth. >> reporter: sources say he was facing a long prison term for a
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number of robberies and kidnappings. my sources believe he might have faked his medical condition so he could leave santa rita jail where he had been locked up since july. investigators are trying to figure out how he freed himself from his waist and leg shackles in the car on the way to highland. >> absolutely they're locked. so we are trying to see if he was able to manipulate it or if they were placed on incorrectly. >> reporter: deputies found his jail clothes in a backyard. authorities then went from house to house and hopped over fence after fence to look for him. deputies say his mother, sister and girlfriend live in this neighborhood and investigators are in contact with them. >> he may have had some help or he may have just had some friendly people along the way. >> reporter: i'm da lin, cbs 5. other bay area headlines tonight. the oil tanker that bumped into the bay bridge this week is back at sea. the damaged overseas rye mar left this morning for an undisclosed location where it
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will be repaired. it's been anchored east of alcatraz all week while investigators collected evidence and interviews about monday's brush with one of the bridge towers. a dog on death row for biting a police horse in san francisco just got a reprieve. charlie was ordered to be put down for the augusta tack at crissy field but his owner has been fighting to save charlie's life. today we learned some sort of deal was worked out in federal court and charlie will live. and the family of a teen murdered in marin says that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. 17-year-old williams was shot early this morning in marin city. his family said that he was visiting from the town of weed in northern california and had only been in the bay area for a week. lavanian williams was possibly targeted by mistake. today we are learning more about the teacher who was able to disarm a teen gunman who shot a classmate. it happened yesterday at taft high school southwest of
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bakersfield. one student was hurt. cbs 5 reporter bigad shaban with what may have motivated the shooter. reporter: ryan heber is being called a hero. he and a school counselor disarmed a student carrying a .12-gauge shotgun. 28 students were in the classroom at taft high school when the shooting started. one was injured. heber's father is not surprised his teacher son took action. >> just totally involved in everything at school and at church. he goes to church every sunday and he -- he is just a good young man. >> reporter: police say revenge motivated the gunman. the 16-year-old suspect told authorities the classmate he shot bullied him. the victim is in critical but stable condition. >> he is responding to or resuscitative efforts and i think we'll pull him through. >> reporter: students here at taft high school told cbs news the suspect got into trouble last year for identifying students he wanted to harm. >> he had a hit list last year.
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so they shouldn't have let him back in the school. >> reporter: the school is closed today but the chaplain is one of a group of counselors called to the scene to help students cope. >> they need to be able to talk about it and get it off their chest. it could be months or years, just depends on the student, depends on how traumatizing it was for them personally. >> reporter: the school has a full-time armed guard on campus but on thursday he was snowed in at home. bigad shaban, cbs news, taft, california. in colorado, family members of those killed in the movie theater shooting left the courthouse disappointed today. james holmes didn't enter a plea. after the judge agreed to delay the scheduled arraignment until march. holmes' lawyers asked for the delay. one possible reason could be to soon a mental health evaluation by a doctor they choose. after a series of meetings on gun violence, vice president joe biden now has the task of presenting his proposals to the
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president next week. biden met with videogame makers today to hear that group's ideas on how to reduce gun violence and earlier in the week he talked with victims' rights groups and gun advocates. biden's proposals are expected to focus on stricter gun control including a resumption of a ban on assault rifles. the u.s. role in afghanistan shifting to a support role later this spring. president obama and afghan president hamid karzai together when they made the announcement this morning. mr. obama says the war is moving toward a, quote, responsible end in 2014. so far, california's dodged the flu but that could soon change. the warning from doctors next. >> and it could be the biggest bay area challenge. finding an apartment that fits your budget. tonight we break down the numbers and discover where you might be able to find a deal. >> forecast tonight will bring a chill to your hearts and
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frankly everything else. we have freeze warnings throughout the bay area. we'll have a complete forecast as we gaze towards the city after a break. and candlestick scrambled. the last-minute preps on and off the field ahead of tomorrow's 49ers play-off game. "x?ob1
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outbreak... but doctors warn, it's coming. dr. kim reports on why this st so far, california has dodged that widespread flu outbreak that's going on but doctors warn, it is coming here. dr. kim reports on why this strain is such a worry even for those who are vaccinated. reporter: the flu has now hit most of the nation. 47 states are reporting widespread activity up from 41 last week. and so far, while california is faring better than the rest of the country with regional outbreaks, experts say don't let your guard down. millie has been fighting it for days. >> i can't explain how miserable i feel.
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>> reporter: the strain in the u.s. is a whopper called h3n2 type a. seasons dominated by this strain are severe with greater number of hospitalizations and deaths. so far, 20 children have died from the flu. how effective is the vaccine? the cdc says it's 62% effective. >> it's a good vaccine but not perfect. >> reporter: while the vaccine may not prevent all cases of the flu, it can make the symptoms milder if you do become infected. so experts say anyone six months and older who hasn't already gotten the vaccine should get it now. if you are older or have a weak immune system the vaccine is less effective but offers some protection. because it's not perfect, everyone needs to be extra vigilant in preventing the spread of the virus. that means washing your hands frequently, and if you are sick, staying home. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5, healthwatch. more on the warning doctors are giving california is coming up tonight on the "cbs evening
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news with scott pelley." that's immediately after this newscast. apartment hunting in the bay area not an easy task tonight. we'll break down the numbers and found out how difficult it is to rent a place on a budget. >> a $100 fee. the new charge they plan to hit you with coming up.
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"x?ob1 place to rent in san francisco is nearly impossible. and as cbs 5 reporter joe
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vazquez shows us: that's it's no secret finding a cheap place to rent in the city, san francisco is nearly impossible. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez shows us that's not the only bay area market looking at increasing rent prices. renting is almost as much as buying these days. >> reporter: it is. you're right at the precipice, at the point of diminishing returns. the fact is, the tech industry is moving in. there's a limited supply and so you know what? that means the rent is going through the roof. reporter: >> rents in san francisco are unlivable. >> reporter: amanda, a kpix production assistant, is looking for an affordable place to live in san francisco. she is hoping for a maximum rent of $1,000. as you might imagine, the rooms she has seen for that low price have had some issues. >> there was a room in the back of a kitchen. there was another room and it was just like obviously had been converted from maybe a laundry room? i don't know. no closet, no window.
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it wasn't really for me. >> it's the most expensive housing market in the country. >> reporter: he says the rents are skyrocketing. the median rent in san francisco is now $3,100 a month. san mateo county, $2,550. santa clara county $2,100. the lowest median rent in the bay area is $1,400 in solano county. $1,400! in the city, this is what you'll get for $1,395. a studio apartment at 449 ninth street. 350 square feet. >> i posted it on tuesday and as of today, i have probably gotten at least 40 calls and e- mails. >> we're seeing big price increases now. some of that is because prices are rebounding. in the east bay prices fell so much during the housing bubble so there are rebounding. >> reporter: just over the last year, alameda county had a 13.2% increase in rent. rents in contra costa county increased 12% year-to-year. >> i want a room of my own.
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i don't really want to share. i don't think it's too much to ask for. >> reporter: we wish amanda the best as, you know, the folks at it. say we have come halfway back from that housing bust. could take a couple more years before we're on flat ground. joe vazquez, cbs 5. facebook is looking into extreme measures to try to stop those spam messages testing a feature that charges users $100 to send direct messages to strangers. friend-to-friend messages would still be free. facebook says charging for messages may discourage junk mailers. on and off the field san francisco getting pumped up for tomorrow's megamatchup between the 9ers and the packers. crews spent the afternoon putting the final touches on the field making sure that everything at candlestick is play-off-perfect. there's a lot going on around town if you walk around. i know you have. there's a ton of stuff going on.
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you go to the restaurants, the bars. you kind of get the feel that something's cooking. >> i'm at the supermarket, walking the dog, that's all anybody is talking about! it's the number one trending thing in sports in the bay area! >> unbelievable. >> you think, hey, next hour, we are going to hear from the playmakers who will make a difference in this game and if you think that's something, coming up at 7:00 tonight on cbs 5, this eve of the 9ers- packers bonanza we have a special edition of 49, preview, dennis, tim ryan, even la michael james break it down for you. here's a sneak peek you. >> pointed out that the reason aldon smith was effective is because justin smith was next to him and aldon hasn't been nearly effective without his partner. >> of all done's 35 or 36 sacks whatever that number, i will bet you 20 to 25 of them have come with justin smith as the setup guy taking two so aldon can wrap underneath. >> michael james runs it back. >> how many tweets did you get
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back in the locker room after that victory? >> i have no idea. i mean, my phone was just blowing up. >> you were a spectator the first time around when the 49ers beat the packers in green bay. still, it was your first nfl experience. how was it for you then? >> reporter: i was kind of mind- blowing. it was fun actually sit on the sideline and watch. i had never seen a nfl game before in my life so that was my first game. >> those guys are going to have insight you haven't even thought of. that's "49er preview" 7:00 right here on cbs 5 after the newscast. you're not going to want to miss it. >> more than just what's your favorite color? >> more than i feel it's going to be -- yeah. exactly. >> thank you, vern. this move is usually reserved for a rodeo, not on a frozen pond. but because it couldn't get good footing, crews lassoed a deer trapped on the ice in colorado, poor guy. he was eventually pulled to
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safety. he was returned back to the woods. >> quite the rescue. >> yes indeed. >> it looks -- you're looking at that snow and i'm feeling like going outside. i mean, almost feels like it could be that cold. >> it is getting chilly tonight. we have freeze warnings around the bay area. i doubt we are going to have to rope a buck but you never know. stranger things have happened. things will be cold tonight. we'll look at the temperatures around the bay area as we look live with a low cloud deck hanging over parts of the bay area, sky conditions just mostly to partly cloudy skies at the moment. tomorrow we'll warm up a little bit in concord 49 degrees and that's not much better than their high for the day. 51 oakland, 48 livermore, 49 san francisco and san jose at 49. santa rosa 48 degrees. hi-def doppler is not picking up much. many a little bit late tonight. we'll see. freeze warnings are posted for the bay area all the bay area valleys from the north bay down to the santa clara valley. temperatures will get foot specific lows in a minute but range in the coolest spots will be about 26 degrees and as warm
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as 34 in other parts so make sure that you protect the plants and the pets before you go to bed tonight. in the weather headlines freezing temperatures tonight, more sunshine tomorrow and warmer next week. yay. temperatures will maybe even nudge 60 degrees. man, we'll melt. big dome of high pressure is sitting off the northern california coastline. nevertheless, i am a little bit worried about this packet of clouds. this is a northwesterly flow offshore. because of that, we're going to get cloudy towards sunrise tomorrow. we'll have a mostly sunny day later tomorrow but in between, maybe a drop or two. it's at least possible as you look at the futurecast. watch this northwesterly flow. all those clouds come in toward sunrise so we start out with milky sunshine. right now the showers look like they stay offshore but it does bear watching. we will. 48 degrees tomorrow at redding, 25 yosemite and 48 fresno. overnight tonight, 28 santa rosa, 30 napa, 32 san jose and
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34 degrees at pacifica. and for tomorrow, highs around 50 degrees. the extended forecast, aside from this little chance coming in tonight, we're going to go high and dry for the remainder of the week and temperatures will be in the upper 50s for the most part. >> see a lot of sunshine. that's good. >> for a change. yeah. that will be good. >> thank you, brian we'll be right back.
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someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. in china.. not because they've found out what's killing dogs. but be this week, two major manufacturers voluntarily recalled pet jerky treats that were made in china not because they found out what's killing dogs but because of a legal loophole. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains that it still means many of the treats remain on the shelf. reporter: >> we felt we were going to lose her. >> reporter: penelope almost died after she ate them. >> she was like a member of the family. >> reporter: bengie suffered a painful death after he ate them. their owners are just two of the thousands that are shocked that chicken jerky treats made in china remain on store
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shelves following years of complaints that dogs are dying after eating them. >> i think it's criminal. really. >> reporter: complaints to the fda date back to 2007. but the agency says it can't recall the chinese-made products because it can't identify the specific toxin that's killing the dogs. recent tests by the new york department of agriculture, however, did identify something in the treats that the fda missed, poultry antibiotics, not approved for use in the u.s. while the fda tells us it's unlikely that is what's killing the dogs, the findings are enough of a legal loophole to prompt a temporary recall by two manufacturers, nestle's purina wagon train and another. del monte says it's not currently manufacturing in china. but purina wouldn't confirm that. >> poisons and toxins. >> reporter: they are not the only brands cited in complaints to the fda. nearly 1,000 cases of illness
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or death were attributed to various brands in six months last year. we went shopping today and found that others remain on store shelves like these petsmart dentley's treats the brand blamed for nearly killing penelope. petsmart can't confirm its dentley products have been tested for antibiotics but it along with nestle purina and del monte say they are safe to feed directly occasionally in small quantities. the fda still suggests caution when feeding pet jerky treats made in china. if you have a consumer problem, give us a call 1-888-5-helps-u. >> do you want to take a chance? you can read the label, look at the brand -- >> reporter: the fda expanded its -- not an official warning but it expanded its notice beyond just chicken jerky treats. many treats made in china i would be cautious before feeding them to my dogs. >> good advise we'll be right back.
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bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. the governor's budget means more money for education... but not all schools are created equal. classrooms that here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. the governor's budget means more money for education but some bay area classrooms stand to lose millions. the bay area is known for its wine. but it's the beer getting the national buzz in one city. the brew that's flying off store shelves. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, flu deaths
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hit epidemic levels. but there's also good news in today's government flu update. dr. jon lapook is on the story. a disease breaks out at a v.a. story. a disease breaks out at a v.a. hospital and the patients are not told. elaine quijano investigates the death of william nicklas. in her interview, supreme court justice sonia sotomayor tells us how she rose from the projects. you know, your brother told us that more than once in this neighborhood he got beaten up. >> yup. and more than once i beat up the person who beat him up. (laughs) >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road." when the call went it for snowflakes for the children of newtown, no one could have predicted the response. >> oh, my goodness, i wouldn't change this for the world. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good even


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